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Do not hesitate, contact us if you have specific requests or need further information.

Tél. : +32 (2)720 01 23

Address: Shopping Saint Michel,
Parking entrance Carrefour:  in front of
1 Rue de l’Escadron

1040 Etterbeek

Metro Thieffry (line 5),
Tram Boileau (lines 7 et 25) and Montgomery (line 81)
Bus Thieffry (line 36)
Free parking for the first 2 hours

Opening hours : From 10h to 22h everyday.



What are your opening hours ?

We will be delighted toWe will be delighted to welcome you to Space Fun Games at the following times : welcome you to Space Fun Games at the following times : 

How long does a game of laser game last ?

A game lasts exactly 15 minutes, to which are added 5 minutes of explanations of the rules of the game, 2×2,5min of equipment and finally 5mn of animation / explanations of the scores at the end of the game(s). In general, people play at least 2 games.

What are the birthday packages?

We thank you for your inquiry at Space Fun Games where we will be delighted to welcome your child for his/her birthday.
Here is the link that presents our 4 birthday packages:

How do I make a reservation?

We thank you for your inquiry at Space Fun Games where we will be delighted to welcome you.

The reservation is done online in less than a minute and will display the available places according to the number of people, the date and the chosen formula. A deposit of 30% will be required online, and the balance will be paid on site the day of your arrival. You can ask us to modify your reservation at the latest 7 days before the date.

Here is the link to make a reservation:

How can I pay?

We thank you for your inquiry at Space Fun Games where we will be delighted to welcome you.

We accept payments preferably by card / Bancontact but also by cash as well as with cards / cheques consumption / sport & Culture Eden Red, Sodexo and Monizze:

Are there invitation cards for birthdays?

Yes, you can come and get them at the Space Fun Games where we will be happy to welcome you, otherwise here is the link to download it without having to come to us.

Is it possible to organize team building?

Yes, of course! We thank you for your inquiry at Space Fun Games where we will be delighted to welcome your teams. We offer flexible and competitive formulas from 21€, here is the link for more information:

Is it possible to organize an EVG or an EVJF?

Yes, of course! We thank you for your inquiry at Space Fun Games where we will be delighted to welcome you.
Here is the link to our various formulas :

How do I get to the Space Fun Games?

The Space Fun Games is located in the Galerie Saint Michel, 15m after the entrance of the Carrefour Saint Michel at 97 cours Saint Michel in Etterbeek. Park at the free Carrefour parking. We will be delighted to welcome you.

Here is the link for the access map:

What is the price of a laser game?

We thank you for your request for information at Space Fun Games where we will be delighted to welcome you. The price varies according to the age and the chosen formula.

Here is the link to get the answers to your questions:

What is the Team Games?

We thank you for your request for information at the Space Fun Games where we will be delighted to welcome you. The Team Games is a kind of futuristic Mission Impossible, with 11 challenges to do as a team.

Here is the link to get the answers to your questions:   

What’s the timing organisation of a laser game?
  • Arrive 20 minutes before the time of the game indicated on your confirmation email. For groups of more than 10 people, come 30 minutes before, because there are always latecomers 🙂
  • We will ask you for your superhero names! Invent original names, it will be more fun than Superman!
  • We explain the rules of the game and how to put your electronic jacket.
  • The game lasts 20mn including 5mn for explanations and to equip you
  • After each game, there is usually a 20 minute break during which:
    • We give to each of you the scores with individual and team rankings
    • You can have a drink and enjoy a deserved rest
    • You will also think about your team strategy to progress to the next game!
    • You may also play at the air hockey, kicker and electronic punching-ball.
What is the planning of an anniversary formula with 2 or 3 games?

Typical planning:

  • Adventure 2 games: table reserved during 2h15
  • Explration 3 games : table reserved during 2h45
  • 13H30 Welcome at your reserved table
  • 14H00 1st game
  • 14H20 Break / scores / drinks
  • 14H40 2nd game
  • 15H00 Break 40mn / scores / birthday cake / gifts
  • 15H45 End of the formula 2 games
  • End of the Adventure formula Or rest of the Exploration formula with 3 games:
  • 15H40 3rd game
  • 16H00 Break / scores / drinks
  • 16H15 That’s all Folks – Departure of the Kids
At what time must we arrive for our reservation?

20 minutes before the start of your game, to avoid any delays

Are we playing against other people?
  • Yes, it is likely especially on weekends, we have a capacity of 30 simultaneous players. We strive to respect age groups, and avoid putting 22 adults with a group of 8 year old girls 😊
  • On the other hand if the slot is free, it is possible to privatize your parts for a supplement. Contact us about this.
How are teams formed?
  • We adapt them to your choices and the number of groups / players. You can play either solo (each for himself) or up to 6 teams.
How long is a game?
  • Each game lasts exactly 15 minutes.
  • Everyone plays 15 minutes and no one is eliminated during the game.
  • You will stay 40 minutes on site for a game (registration, game, scores at the end of the game).
Are there any breaks between the games?

Yes, a pause of +/- 20mn is always planned between each part (and automatically inserted in the agenda when you book on our site). It is possible to play two games in a row without a break, but this must be asked when you book.

Is the laser game dangerous?
  • No, the game is painless and harmless – unlike paintball.
  • Lasers embedded in our equipment are class 2 as indicated on the label affixed to the gun. This type of laser respects the international standard 60825. Class 2: A laser that emits visible radiation in the 400 to 700 nm length range. The protection of the eye is normally provided by the defense reflexes, triggering the blinking of the eyelid. The Lasermaxx technology we have chosen is the European leader and has been in existence for over 20 years.
  • However, before the start of each game, we remind 5 simple rules of safety: do not run in the maze, do not crawl, do not climb on the facilities, do not jump, no physical contact with players.
  • This game is therefore not recommended for pregnant women.
  • Warning: at the very beginning of the game, stromboscopic flashes flash for 10 to 30 seconds which can generate epileptic seizures. People can enter the labyrinth after the end of the flashes and then play safely.
How should we be dressed to play Laser Game?

Sport shoes and dark outfits are recommended. You can come disguised with fluorescent clothes to have fun in the maze. Stilettos and light suits are not recommended 😊

Are there locker rooms?

Our large toilets allow you to change, then you can store your belongings in free lockers.

At what age can we come play?
  • From 7 years old or with a height of minimum 120cm.
  • We must make sure that the child is tall enough to wear the vest and is not afraid of the dark.
I never played, how many games should I choose?
  • The vast majority of players play between 2 and 3 games. We recommend 3 games for kids and two for adults.
  • You can book 2 and always decide after your second game to play a third game if there is available capacity.
Is it possible to change the number of participants after my reservation?

Yes, but we recommend you to book for the maximum number of guest players, even if you want to change it at least one week before.

Contact us as soon as possible for any change in the number of participants.

Can I modify my reservation later?
  • Of course, you can change the date, time and number of participants until 72 hours before your laser game. You will not lose the 30 euros guarantee that we will transfer for your updated reservation.
  • We always recommend booking for the maximum number of players and changing the number down no later than 3 days before your game.
How can I book my reservation?

Two possibilities:

  • Book online by clicking here
  • Book by phone
How can I book online?

Choose the period of time depending on the availability on the planning.

Choose your formula. For example : Birthday 2 games

Choose the number of kids : always indicate the maximum number of children invited (to avoid overbooking) and then confirm the exact number at the latest 4 days prior.

Choose the additional options : cake (chocolate cake from Tartes de Françoise) or candy bags. 

Choose the age class of your child. 

Eventually add remarks/questions. 

To validate your reservation, you’ll receive an email asking you to transfer 30€. This deposit will: be deducted from your bill ; reported in case of date change ; lost in case of cancellation less than 48 hours prior.

Is it mandatory to book before playing?
  • This is not mandatory but strongly recommended, especially for weekends and groups of more than 6 people.
  • We recommend calling or reserving online to inform you of availabilities especially if you come at the last minute.
  • We also reserve the right to close an hour earlier in the absence of reservations.
Do I have to pay in advance to play the Space Laser Game?
  • Yes, a lump sum deposit of 30 euros is required to confirm your reservation.
  • The balance will be paid on the spot according to the number of players present.
How can you pay?

We accept cash and Bancontact payments.

I booked for 3 games and finally I decided to play only 2. Is it possible?

It is better to tell us in advance if you change the number of games, so as to adapt our planning.

How can I get the invitation cards for birthdays?

You can retrieve them directly at the Space Laser Game or on our website

Can I bring food from outside with me?
  • Yes, if you choose the anniversary formula (with a booked table). But an extra 1 euro per child will be asked – For your information, we also sell ice creams, crisps and candy bags.
  • You can also get a meal or a pizza delivered for 2 euros. 
Where can I validate my parking ticket?

Your parking ticket doesn’t need to be validated as it is valid for 2 hours – the end time is indicated on the ticket. 

To leave, you just need to scan the bar code at the exit door. 

If your ticket is lost/obsolete, no worries : we’ll print you a new one. 


Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Business hours

  • Schedules are subject to change depending on the number of people attending the day
  • Possibility of extending the schedule according to events

How to find us

Space Fun Game Bruxelles

Parking gratis 2H
Shopping Saint Michel,
 Ingang parking Carrefour:
Face  1 rue de l’escadron
1040 Etterbeek
Tél. : +32 (2)720 01 23

Court saint-Michel 97 – 1040 Etterbeek
The space is ideally located in the Saint Michel shopping area

Easy access by car with free parking for 2 hours with 150 spaces, the entrance is opposite N°1, rue de l’Escadron, on the right of the Brico

By public transport :

  • By foot from Thieffry metro station (Line 5)
  • A stone’s throw from Boileau (Trams 5 and 27)
  • De Montgomery and Mérode ( Tram 81)
  • Bus Thieffry ( Line 36  )

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Space Fun Games
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Caroline Bertrand
Caroline Bertrand
18:38 19 Feb 24
Attention à l’épreuve des coussins de boxe qui sortent du mur. Ma fille en est sortie avec un traumatisme crânien…. 🤕
Antoine Pottier
Antoine Pottier
10:15 10 Jul 22
Très bon laser game, grand espace bien agencé.
Équipe très sympathique !
Aurélie Pauporté
Aurélie Pauporté
12:39 30 Apr 22
super laser game et très bon accueil !
Marta Pereira Da Costa
Marta Pereira Da Costa
17:13 16 Jun 20
J'adooooreeeeee. Trop bien!
Salame Orahma
Salame Orahma
18:34 04 Nov 19
Super moment on famille mais il faut prévoir de la monnaie pour les autres jeux on place
Annie Cheung
Annie Cheung
17:15 30 Aug 19
緊張刺激的體驗 9個人玩 分兩隊 抵玩
Elio Simonini
Elio Simonini
19:00 14 Apr 19
ce fut tres chouette , je ne mettais jamais amusé autant au laser game auparavant 😁
avec un moniteur géniale Martin 🔥🔥🔥
a refaire en tt cas 💪💪🔥🔥 longue vie a martin 🔥❤
ce laser game est vraiment bien
Evi Picavet
Evi Picavet
18:55 10 Apr 19
2 parties de 15 minutes avec 6 enfants de 9 à 20 ans. Ils se sont éclatés. Personnel super sympa.
Juste le prix des consommations légèrement trop élevé.
On reviendra.
Hanan Serenity
Hanan Serenity
21:36 30 Mar 19
Franchement top les enfants se sont super bien amusé et le personnel est vraiment agréable
Cnop Denis
Cnop Denis
09:05 25 Mar 19
la gentillesse des g o.
Tarik Hennen
Tarik Hennen
14:12 13 Mar 19
Un endroit à tester pour un moment de détente à Bruxelles!
Chris Telk
Chris Telk
06:12 06 Mar 19
super soirée hier. Les enfants ont adorés. Personnel au top et super sympa. On y retournera sans hésiter.
Marina Abetti
Marina Abetti
17:42 09 Dec 18
Les gamins se sont éclatés ,... le personnel est jeune et convivial ... à faire !!
Ilias Marbella
Ilias Marbella
13:56 28 Nov 18
Super endroit pour passer de bon moment entre amis ou familles 🙂
Ilyas Bhd
Ilyas Bhd
13:30 28 Nov 18
Très grand Space, bon accueil et convivialité assurée.
Alejandro Arriola
Alejandro Arriola
15:16 27 Nov 18
Super endroit pour passer des bons moments entre amis et collèges ! Venez nombreux pour profiter des ce chouette laser game !
Camille Cornelis
Camille Cornelis
15:12 27 Nov 18
Super après midi passée entre amis autour d'une activité amusante et sportive 😆🤩
Cassandre Blanquart
Cassandre Blanquart
15:12 27 Nov 18
Super après midi entre amis au Space Lazer Game ! je recommande ! 🎉
Aurélie Marchand
Aurélie Marchand
15:11 27 Nov 18
Super endroit pour une chouette sortie entre amis ou en famille! Top! 😊
Karim Bchir
Karim Bchir
15:09 27 Nov 18
Super fun et convivial, à faire !! 🤩
Gilda Monteiro
Gilda Monteiro
17:32 23 Nov 18
Un espace pour s’amuser pour les petits et pour les grands. Exemple: anniversaires, team-building, rencontres des amis, etc, je vous recommande vivement Space Laser Game...
Véronique Bouillet
Véronique Bouillet
17:05 13 Nov 18
Très chouette team building today !
Raquel Orozco
Raquel Orozco
18:52 12 Nov 18
Chouette accueil, labyrinthe au top, je recommande +++
Elise Pêtre
Elise Pêtre
18:51 12 Nov 18
Super chouette endroit! Viendez
Roselyne Manes
Roselyne Manes
18:47 12 Nov 18
très chouette expérience, labyrinthe incroyable !
Loïc-Erwan Servais
Loïc-Erwan Servais
18:43 12 Nov 18
Super amusant, très convivial, à essayer
Margaux VanExe
Margaux VanExe
18:42 12 Nov 18
Chouette accueil, super laser game !
Antoine Beernaerts
Antoine Beernaerts
18:41 12 Nov 18
Très convivial et bon accueil, en plus j'ai gagné !
19:47 11 Nov 18
Chaleureux accueil, personnel hyper sympa, activité chouette, à refaire, sans hésitation
Florian Leysens
Florian Leysens
19:07 03 Nov 18
Une expérience avec la tête dans les étoiles ! *.*
Thomas Steenkiste
Thomas Steenkiste
19:07 03 Nov 18
c'est super cool !! waouw la bonne ambiance 🙌
Aleksandra Kowalczuk
Aleksandra Kowalczuk
19:04 03 Nov 18
c'était hyper cool! À refaire!
Fanny Hardy
Fanny Hardy
19:02 03 Nov 18
super décor, bonne ambiance à refaire et recommander!
Bilal Gti
Bilal Gti
10:53 30 Oct 18
Très bonne accueille ! Le jeu est super réaliste et super amusant on rentre très vite dans le jeu.
David Artiges
David Artiges
08:08 23 Jul 18
Excellent accueil,matériel nickel,personnel accueillant et sympa,très propre.
Philippe Ysebaert
Philippe Ysebaert
16:41 14 Jun 18
Thomas Pav
Thomas Pav
16:42 13 Jun 18
Pretty cool place, really nice owner! He even tagged along to even out the groups!
Sawsana Mona
Sawsana Mona
18:44 30 Apr 18
C’est que du fun !!
Da FabiFabi
Da FabiFabi
07:03 29 Apr 18
Très contente de ma réservation. Les enfants et moi, nous nous sommes éclatés.
Philippe Willems
Philippe Willems
00:23 24 Apr 18
Imane Ait Ahmed
Imane Ait Ahmed
20:52 23 Apr 18
Seb L-o
Seb L-o
15:34 15 Apr 18
Stéphanie Stéphanie
Stéphanie Stéphanie
19:32 07 Apr 18
Les 2 parties de laser game parfaites. Par contre l'option des pizzas après les parties n'est pas à recommander. Aucun service, pas de couverts, aucune table prête !!! Très très déçue. Le prix des pizzas est exagéré, 15€!! Une simple maguerita ne coûte pas 15€, je suis désolée. Je ne recommanderai pas cette option. Très déçue.
Léa Masson
Léa Masson
19:39 23 Feb 18
Xavier Gnagnasse
Xavier Gnagnasse
16:32 23 Feb 18
Super chouette salle, convient aux grands comme aux enfants. Accueil très chaleureux...
Marine Vandervelden
Marine Vandervelden
07:48 23 Feb 18
Le Space laser game est un super endroit pour y organiser une activité originale. L'animation est au top et l'accueil super!
Dans le cadre d'un teambuiding, nous étions un groupe de 24 personnes et l'espace de jeu était plus que suffisant pour le grand groupe.
Merci au Space laser game, pour cette excellente soirée!
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