We are delighted to be able to welcome children under 13 years old* from 1st December 😊 under the strict conditions below


  • Fun and sports activities : Laser Games become PRIVATE and Team Games remain Private
  • Reservation for Groups / bubbles of minimum 10 children who know each other and are under 13 years old.
  • It will not be possible to mix/add other children who do not know each other. => if you are not enough organize yourself with other friends eg for a birthday.
  • Respect of the timetable and rapid drop-off / pick-up of the child by a parent who will wait outside if necessary, respecting the distanciation rules.
  • Due to the low level of activity, PRELIMINARY BOOKING IS MANDATORY we will open priori on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 13H to 18H or more if requested.
  • We will open on other days / times for youth centres and movements, non-profit organisations and school outings for groups of children under 13 years of age under supervision.
  • Let people around you know, especially the scouts, because the temperature is falling and your children will be delighted to have fun at the Space Fun Games. However, the bar remains closed, take-away drinks can still be sold on the way out and the children can enjoy the Space Fun Games.

    * unfortunately for the oldest and companies you will have to wait longer.

Jérôme and the Space Fun Games team

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